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Israel: Booking hotel tips

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Hotels in Israel offer smaller, less opulent rooms than most North Americans are used to, and on top of that, with the record high number of tourists, hotel prices in Israel have skyrocketed.

It is harder and harder to travel to Israel on a modest budget, but it is still possible to find good places at reasonable prices. When planning, just think of what it would cost to travel to New York or London, and you won’t be as shocked. I book most of my hotels in Israel through a Tel Aviv-based travel agency called Regent Tours, affiliated with Isram.

I have consistently found that Regent Tours, which contracts directly with hotels, can deliver lower prices than direct booking, even lower than Internet “discount” rates. It’s certainly a whole lot easier than contacting each hotel individually. You can call Anna Karic at Regent toll-free from the United States at (866) 383-6130. If calling within Israel, dial (03) 694-7777, or from other countries, dial 972-3-694-7777.

You can also e-mail Anna at [email protected] or at [email protected], but if you can use the tollfree number, I suggest you call first. If you use this company, please mention that I sent you, and I also ask that you mention my referral if you book directly at any of the hotels I recommend. If you do use Regent Tours, I also recommend later confirming the reservation directly with the hotel as well to avoid any possible miscommunication on dates and details. Being too careful never hurt. I note that Regent Tours can also set you up with tour guides or groups, and can help organize bar and bat mitzvah trips for families. This company is a terrific resource, and I have heard countless compliments about their services from the hundreds if not thousands of people I have sent her way. Great service that makes travel easier and saves you money—you can’t beat that!

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